Who We Are

Salt Island Fish & Beer got its name from the Euchee Tribe who inhabited the islands around the 14thcentury. "Tybee" is the Euchee name for "Salt." We take the concept of salt very seriously at Salt Island Fish & Beer. It flavors our food, it enhances our drinks, and it's a way of life for people on this island. We breathe the salty air, we swim in the salty waters, we consume it every day. As salt balances the food we eat, it also creates the balance of life between work and play.

We take a "craft" approach, not just to our bar, but to our entire menu. We offer craft beers from local breweries and have carefully crafted our cocktail menu. This idea of "craft" goes into our kitchen as well, making sure to offer food that is fresh and made from scratch. We like to have fun with our food, whether by inventing new flavors or modernizing tradition. Salt Island Fish & Beer is all about loving what you do, taking pride in what you serve, all while having fun while doing it. We strive to be modern and fresh, while paying homage to what came before us.